Digest of Ambient Particulate Analysis and Assessment Methods

Throgmorton, James A., and Kenneth Axetell. 1978. Digest of Ambient Particulate Analysis and Assessment Methods EPA-450/3-78-113. Research Triangle Park, NC: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

This is a report Kenneth Axetell and I prepared for the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency back in 1978. It provides a compendium of approximately 25 techniques for analysis and interpretation of ambient particulate data. We grouped the techniques into six categories: Temporal Patterns; Spatial Patterns; Meteorological Effects; Emissions Assessment; Interpreting Chemical, Elemental and Morphological Data; and Interpreting Particle Size Data. The report briefly describes each of the techniques, and provides references for more thorough exploration of them. The techniques span a range of complexity, cost and effectiveness. We evaluated them in terms of cost effectiveness and resource requirements.

The digest provided users with guidelines on the use of the techniques in terms of their problem applicability, resource requirements and interrelationships, and it provided a framework for designing studies or analyses to interpret data from ambient particulate or any similar pollutant.

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