Announcing Candidacy for City Council

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Jim Throgmorton, a former city councilor and retired professor of urban planning at the University of Iowa, today announced his intention to seek election to the District C position on Iowa City’s City Council. “We are lucky to be living in a lovely city,” Throgmorton said, “but we will be facing some significant challenges over the coming years. I believe my combination of experience, knowledge, skills and vision can help us respond in a way that enables us to make it an even better place.”

Throgmorton served on the City Council in the mid-1990s. As a candidate now, he brings practical experience that will be needed with three members of the Council departing, when the city is experiencing increased economic competition from nearby cities, and when the state appears likely to mandate cuts in commercial property tax revenues. “Things have changed since I last served on the Council,” Jim said, “but I won’t have to spend the first six months learning how to do the job. I already know what’s involved.”

Throgmorton also taught urban planning at the University of Iowa for 24 years. He will draw upon that experience and knowledge when responding to the issues Iowa City faces. “A significant challenge concerns the social changes we are experiencing,” Throgmorton said. “A lively and creative city thrives on diversity, and we have the opportunity to tap the energy of our youth and build an even stronger and healthier city based on a sense of shared purpose and mutual respect.”

As both a professor and a city councilor, Jim Throgmorton learned how important it is to communicate skillfully and to find creative ways of resolving conflicts. “Political polarization is another one of the issues we face,” Throgmorton said. “Iowa City needs city councilors who can facilitate interaction, dialogue, and the mutually beneficial resolution of conflicts among people who hold divergent opinions.”

Jim Throgmorton strongly believes Iowa City can respond to these challenges creatively and successfully. “We have a great opportunity to ensure Iowa City thrives over the longer run as the core of a dynamic, affordable, sustainable and resilient region,” he said. As part of this vision, he strongly supports redeveloping the “River Crossings” area south of Burlington Street as a compact, walkable, diverse place that ideally would be connected via Amtrak to Chicago and Des Moines. “I envision the area,” Throgmorton said, “as a key component of a possible ‘Heartland of American Environmentalism’ trail linking Iowa City with other significant sites in the Midwest.”

A resident of Iowa City since 1986, Jim Throgmorton lives in the Northside neighborhood with his wife Barbara and her daughter Zoe and not far from his two sons, Patrick and Paul. He has served on the boards of directors for several community organizations as well as on several University committees, and he has been writing monthly columns for the Iowa City Press-Citizen since 2008. Prior to moving to Iowa City, he lived in Chicago, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Louisville, and Germany (where he served as an officer in the U. S. Army). He is an avid bicyclist, and enjoys singing, reading, drawing, and celebrating life with his family and friends.

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