Doing the New Job

I haven’t posted any new material to this site for several months. The explanation is quite simple: most of my time has been dedicated, first, seeking election to Iowa City’s city council and, second, doing the job well after having been elected on November 8.

There are few things I enjoy more than talking with people about important topics, and trying to figure out what I think should be done in light of what I hear.

Should our city install red light cameras at key intersections? Should our city build a new levee to protect a specific residential neighborhood from future flooding? Should we adopt the FY2013 budget, FY2013-15 financial plan, and capital improvements program as recommended by the City Manager? Should the city approve requests for rezonings that will produce more apartment buildings in older residential neighborhoods?

These are all issues that people care about. I’m trying to learn from interested constituents, to learn from our professional staff and my fellow council members, and to bring what I’ve got (in terms of my own background, experience, and knowledge) to the issues at hand.

It’s a fascinating and important activity, and I’m very happy to do it at this point in my life..

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