An Election Victory in Iowa City

It was a long City Council election campaign here in Iowa City, Iowa. With the help of many people, and complemented by three other vigorous candidates, I ran a very positive and spirited race and gave it my all. And, thanks to the voters of Iowa City, we did it! Once all the ballots had been counted, 62% of Iowa City’s voters had selected me as one of their two at-large candidates. I’ll do my best to honor their trust and live up to their expectations.

The victory was far more than a purely personal one. Also elected on November 3 were three other candidates with whom I had gradually formed a loose coalition. Rockne Cole won the second at-large position while Pauline Taylor and John Thomas won the District A and C races respectively. Well done, my friends! It felt mighty good to see all the happy (dare I say, euphoric) faces during our victory celebration at The Sanctuary Restaurant Tuesday night.

Some called us Pauline and the Three Dudes, others called us Three Ts and a Rock, but most called us The Core Four. Our complementary campaigns brought new ideas, new energy, and a new mix of supporters into what normally is a very predictable city council election process. In overlapping ways, we changed the political discourse in Iowa City; we opened up the process to people who have previously been marginalized or ignored; and we created the possibility of crafting a healthier, more inclusive, and more just city.

Having been elected, we must now turn our energies away from campaigning and toward governing. Transition is the name of the game for the immediate future! I look forward to working with the people and businesses of Iowa City to create a place that is good on the ground for all its residents both now and in the future.

None of us could have conducted our election campaigns without strong support from volunteers. In my case, I have many specific people to thank. They include: my wife Barbara Eckstein, our daughter Zoe Eckstein, and my sons Pat and Paul Throgmorton; members of my campaign advisory committee, especially Campaign Manager Matt Brown, Treasurer Dick Dorzweiler, Harry Olmstead, Charlie Eastham, Karen Kubby, and Paul Wittau; Eric Johnson, Min Dong Throgmorton, and Libby Shannon, who designed my web site, campaign mailer, and cowboy card respectively; Donald Baxter who designed our brilliant yard signs, many of which seem to have been taken by guys named Jim; sandwich board rogue Derek Maurer, who filmed and edited my campaign videos; the hundreds of people who let us install signs in their yards; Diana Harris, who, along with Feather Lacy and Susan Bentley, installed most of those signs; the hundreds of people who contributed money, wrote letters to the editor, wrote supportive posts on Facebook, or went door to door distributing campaign literature; madman Matthew Pierce, who did an amazing job of assembling “walking lists” for our lit dropping; Jesse Case and our friends at Iowa City Federation of Labor for endorsing us and working hard to get us elected; Royceann Porter and Bakhit Bakhit who mobilized our African-American and Sudanese-American neighbors; the many people who sponsored “meet and greets” in their homes at various locations around the city; and others whose names I have accidentally overlooked.

We can become a model for other cities around the country. Let’s get on with it!

Note: If you want to see more detail about the election campaign and my campaign platform, take a look at:

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