About Jim Throgmorton

I am a retired professor of urban and regional planning. Having worked for a local governmental agency, consulting firms, a national energy research laboratory; having served as an elected official in Iowa City (Iowa); having taught urban planning for 23 years in the School of Urban and Regional Planning at The University of Iowa; having published many scholarly and non-scholarly publications; and having traveled extensively throughout the United States and Europe, I have strongly come to believe that story telling is a crucial component of building sustainable places. The articles, papers, and essays on this site document why.

I’m currently working on a book manuscript tentatively entitled: Why Storytelling Matters. Stay tuned.


1 Response to About Jim Throgmorton

  1. SolsticeSon says:

    Sounds great, Jim. It’s nice to see you’ve accomplished so much with urban planning and are working on a book. I am sitting on the other end of the spectrum, without much professional experience but delving into a budding manuscript and looking into urban planning as a steady form of work that supports me and my interests/goals. I have an educational background focused on environmental development and current research focused on social and environmental development. Do let me know if you can point me to any resources or words of wisdom on entering urban planning with an environmental studies degree. Cheers.

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