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What can planning theory be now?

This post is an abstract of a scholary article. For the article itself, see: James A. Throgmorton. 2013. In Greg Young and Deborah Stevenson. The Ashgate Companion to Planning and Culture. Farnham, England: Ashgate Publishing Ltd, pp. 105-120. How should … Continue reading

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Minorities and Energy: A Review of Recent Findings and a Guide to Future Research

James A. Throgmorton and M. Bernard III. 1986. In Proceedings of the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy’s 1986 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings Vol. VII. Washington: American Council for an Energy- Efficient Economy: 260-280. This report discusses … Continue reading

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Section 210 of PURPA as Seen from a National Policy Implementation Perspective

James A. Throgmorton.1984. In R.W. Lawton (ed.), Proceedings of the Fourth NARUC Biennial Regulatory Information Conference. Columbus: National Regulatory Research Institute: 445-467. This paper articulated and applied a “national public policy implementation” theoretical framework. Building upon that framework, the paper … Continue reading

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