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Enhancing Iowa City’s Long Term Prosperity and Sustainability: A Progress Report

[Note: This report reflects my own personal summary of key actions Iowa City’s City Council has taken during the first six months of its term. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the Iowa City government or City Council … Continue reading

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Historic Landmark Designation for 2 Small Cottages?

Background Note: At its formal meeting on the night of February 9, 2015, the City Council of Iowa City decided not to give historic landmark designation to two small working class cottages on S. Dubuque St. The cottages are located … Continue reading

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A Road to Serfdom? Rethinking Hayek’s Libertarian Map

In her Iowa City Press-Citizen column of April 11 (“Emancipation from Taxation”), Beth Cody presents another of her many spirited defenses of the Libertarians’ thinking about government and taxation. Readers of that newspaper will not be surprised to learn that … Continue reading

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Small World: Practicing Sustainable Planning and Politics in the Heart of America

James A. Throgmorton. 2003. Unpublished book length manuscript. Small World is a first-person narrative (or practice story) about what happened when a small group of people tried to make their city (Iowa City, Iowa) more sustainable. The tale covers the … Continue reading

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Review of Faludi and van der Valk’s “Rule and Order”

Throgmorton, James A. 1996. “The Rhetoric of Rule and Order: A Good Story?” A Review of Faludi and Valk’s Rule and Order. Planning Theory 16 (Winter): 63-65. This article reviews Andras Faludi and Arnold van der Valk’s 1994 book, Rule … Continue reading

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Planning as Storytelling: Sustaining America’s Cities

In June 2000 Barbara Eckstein (then an Associate Professor of English at The University of Iowa) and I conducted a two-day symposium entitled “Planning as Storytelling: Sustaining America’s Cities.” The symposium brought together urban practitioners such as urban and regional … Continue reading

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Collaborate, Weigh Options for What’s Sustainable

For a slightly different version, see Jim Throgmorton. 2008. Des Moines Register (June 22): 1OP. As the Great Flood of ’08 gradually moves downstream, those of us who live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Des Moines and other parts of … Continue reading

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